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Affinity Plus Title

Through our wholly-owned full service title agency, you have access to clear and accurate title services that ensure the ownership interest in your home is properly established and maintained when you buy, refinance or sell a home. We created this subsidiary in an effort to help members through every step of the home-buying process, from searching for a realtor and finding a home, to securing mortgage loan options and closing on your home with the Affinity Plus Title Company.

Choosing Affinity Plus Title ensures you experience a streamlined process and a seamless communication line between all parties, at minimal cost. You’ll work with Affinity Plus on all steps leading up to your closing, so all documents are in-house and you can choose a closing location that’s convenient and familiar to you.

What does Affinity Plus Title Company do?

Affinity Plus Title completes a thorough title search and review of public records before closing to ensure your home’s title is clear. We also provide documentation, support and resources to your mortgage loan officer and realtor, including preparation of closing documents, proper documentation recording and issuance of title insurance policies.

Excellent service and competitive rates.

At Affinity Plus, we always want you to have the best experience. Affinity Plus Title has been serving members since 2000 and we feel confident in our ability to offer the lowest rates. We also work closely with your mortgage loan officers, so we can accommodate your schedule and individual situation and needs, keeping the entire mortgage process as convenient as possible.



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